Land of the Tiny Brides

Posted On March 10, 2009

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My second adventure in wedding dress shopping.

Going through the magazines makes you fall in love with designers San Patrick, Provincia, they had designs that I lusted after. I also was dreaming of a pale pink wedding dress. Something that just completely screamed ME!!

Whenever I looked at this list of designers, one bridal store kept re-appearing. Tres Fabu Bridal. Well now doesn’t that sound fancy, and it looked positively adorable. My mom and I had even seen their booth at the Portland Bridal show. Where the owner tempted us with wine to come in on a Friday evening. So, my mom and I adventured after work one stormy January evening to Tres Fabu (it was also a place that didn’t insist on appointments, so whimsy was allowed)

I was greeted and handed 6 yellow clothespins and told I could start with 6 dresses and to clip those on dresses I liked. As I started wandering, every dress was tiny, and not like average like itty bitty. As I walked around in a sea of dresses no bigger then a bridal 10/12 I started to stop looking at the dresses and my mom and I hunted for anything that was even a 14/16 I told me mom we were leaving. She said they wouldn’t let you try on dresses, and that’s when we found a 16, 18, and a 22!! I wasn’t thrilled about the dresses but figured they may fit me. Then I decided to choose 3 dresses I liked and would see squinched on me…the sales girl chose a favorite.

I went into a lil 4 curtain sided room while my mom perched on a toadstool in the corner while another woman and her husband sat on a giant couch drinking wine. May I say we haven’t been handed wine, or offered it?!

They offer me a strapless bra but when I say the letter D, let alone the multiple version the girl looks shocked, like I just said Triple H! She says she’ll grab the biggest they have. She returns with a 32B. I toss it on the ground and laugh, when I was 10! Hope as we’ll call her, tells me we’re going without one then and decided on the satin number that’s a 22, which may I tell you was more like a 16 and fit my like a glove.

I have no idea the designer but it resembled this the closest.


My mom thought it was gorgeous as did I, I felt very royal and beautiful. But I stood up so straight in that heavy satin and didn’t look comfortable. Nor did I feel it.

Next to one of the fun dresses, but dress #1 was definitely a contender. I love dresses with a bunch of fluff at the bottom, what resembles curled ribbons, so I slid this on.


Well first of all I don’t have a drop waist body and those ruffles projected out from my hips. Noooot sexy.

Seeing that I love all things vintage I thought maybe an all lace number


was really the way to go…umm yeah no skin tight lace number unless I wanna look like a lace sausage casing. Now I know in a bigger size it would be different, but when you put this on for the first time and your intifada reaction is *AHHHH* you don’t want it ever in any size!!

When I walked out in this dress

Private Label

I took a deep breath, felt comfortable. And didn’t for one minute think that wasn’t “in it” I felt like a snow princes. I love the billowy back and the bubble hem. But the nearly $1k price tag kept me at bay. That and there was a weird vibe I was getting about that place. But I’d actually tried on a dress I could see myself getting married in and I was thrilled.

As we left that Friday night, I really thought I’d be back to buy that dress. But I looked at the BBB and saw a rating of F and read Citysearch that showed over 100 negative reviews, there were also local news stories on this place screwing over brides.  Sadly, they closed down Februay 20th with no notice, and there are many brides trying to figure out how to get their dresses, and their bridesmaids. 😦


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