You Have Couture Taste, But NOT The Body to Match

Posted On March 12, 2009

Filed under Wedding Dress Shopping

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Propelled by another bridal show coupon I went to visit Bridal Exclusives, much to the protest of one of my bridesmaids. She told me horror stories of being fitted there as a flower girl, but that was 10 year ago I told myself. Things have changed. I was mistaken. She has agreed not to tell me, she told me, but instead say she is SHOCKED by the horrific service.

I had an appointment, but when I walked in I was ignored and had to force the girl on the phone to actually acknowledge me. This was done, by my mom, my MOH and me staring at her (politely of course) She then told me my sales assistant would be with me shortly and to choose dresses I liked. Then in swooped another sales assistant and took all the dresses I’d chosen, in my size for another girl.  I … umm.. just chose those, but I had no assistance so I was SPAM to her.

My sales assistant greeted us and asked what I liked. As I told her I love mermaid, vintage, ballgown, a-line, sweetheart necks, details, but really I am open to learning and trying on anything, except I am not a particular fan of taffeta and would rather stick with softer fabrics.

The wedding dress daggers shot from her eyes and she spat out “YOU DON’T LIKE TAFFETA”

“No, it’s not my fabric fabric.”

Jordyn then ran her arms down the bags of hanging dresses and said well then CUT OUT 90% of these dresses cause they’re all taffeta.

“I’m not saying I’m completely closed out, I am mearly stating a preference”

Jordyn didn’t like this answer and told me to chose 5 dresses of different skirt styles. I started choosing…

“NO, that is empire waist and dropped wait but both of them are A-line ONLY ONE A-line”

I was so defeated, and my MOH looked like she’d kill her. We went into the back to my room. This wasn’t a room this was two closets  with a mirror in between them you shared. Your guests, and the girl who was in the other room (the dress stealing girl- well her sales girl) sitting on benches. Like an audience to the both of you.

As the first dress was barely over my head and the closet door couldn’t shut to give me any privacy, Jordyn announced that this was NEVER going to fit me and I was definately going to need the BIGGER SIZES and we’d have to share with the other girl. Who’s mother was shouting out comments and directions from peanut gallery. My dear MOH was warm and totally caught up in the other girl and couldn’t concentrate on a dang thing.

The other mother yelled, tell everyone how you two are living in sin Landa or MAYBE about how he has babies already or MAYBE how you’ve never met his family or MAYBE how you met on the INTERNET. Oh lord, I was so embrassed for her, could her mom please shut uP!!!

We finally borrow one of the fat girl dresses, but that’s it MOH is in a horrendous mood and hates every dress I try on and we cannot help but all 3 be completely distracted by the other girl’s shouting peanut gallery, and waiting for her to try on dresses so I can is awkward.

Finally, Jordyn announces I think you’ve already found a dress and there is nothing here for you. Anyways you have a average body and couture taste. You’ll never be happy with a wedding dress! She then walks away leaving me in bra and crinolin to stare.

I got dressed and we left. But don’t worry my bridesmaid will never say “I t0ld you so!”

It was REALLY hot in there, we were all fanning ourselves, and it was barely 32 degrees out in January


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