Pretty Flowers, But I Don’t Wanna See Your Husband in His Boxers

Posted On March 17, 2009

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Flowers, they’re what your wedding is filled with correct?! I have always imagined the flowers to be a beautiful accessory. But seeing as I have a million and one allergies I do not want a room stuffed to the gills with floral.

The more I looked at bridal bouquets though I became charmed by how artistic they are with satin wrapped handles, rhinestones in the flowers, intials on the handle. What else can one create?

So, after braving the giant bridal show and seeing all these ideas. I made an appointment with someone who said I’d “won” my bridal bouquet.

I show up to this person’s home (now I am all for small home based florists-helps with cost) and MOB & MOH are in tow. We are accousted by a cocker spaniel that chooses to make me her new b*tch. Luckily, I am dog lover, but stinky mcDog needed to get DOWN. We make our way to the “office” and otherwise known as the dining room.
My MOH having drank 10 Dr.Peppers (a slight exhagerations) asks for the ladies room. She reports later (after 2 more visits) that it has to have been the dirtiest bathroom she’s ever seen. We’re thinking is this is your place of business clean the toilet.

The very nice lady launches into her speil, while showing us examples of her work. Umm…is that me or is that a magazine cut out and why am I only seeing photos of some VERY 80’s looking floral work. So, I go to my Bravo planner with some questions, but find myself distracted by these less then modern flowers. She is very excited and lovely.

When the dog starts barking and the husband in his boxers busts in to the dining room and yells “HUN, LET THE DOG IN!” Shocked at the plaid boxer horror I am seeing, My mom and MOH exhange glances. The woman completely unphased, unlatched the back sliding door and lets the dog in.

She told me she’d work me up a quote and email it to me. I had to email her 4 times to get it. Really wasn’t worth it. I think wedding vendor shopping is like meeting a great cast of characters, there are only certain ones you want to cast.


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