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Posted On March 25, 2009

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In the midst of being engaged and planning my own wonderful affair, I have been helping plan my great friend’s wedding. As I am her MOH!

Now this is REALLY exciting for me because I’ve always been sorta the MOH in waiting. I’m always the friend, but they have one longer, and I end up doing all the stuff anyways. But it’d okay with me because I love helping out my friends. In this wedding I wasn’t the MOH, but the MOH decided to go MIA so I became MOH. Oh the acronyms!

Being someone’s Maid of is such a blessing, I get to be there for all the fun girly things. I get to help make sure she stays calm through all the turbulence. She is my go-t0o coffee girl, Allison and I met in our sorority days. As I am her big sis, also her in reality I’ve become a big sister to her in many ways. We share this right brain/left brian relationship that makes us so compatible. It cracks me up how we can meld. I think that’s the beautiful part of friendships and weddings, all you different friends and characters get to meld together. Showing the beauty that is you and your friendships combining with your new life with your husband. Oh I got all schmatlzy.

Who’s wedding have you been extremely blessed to be in?



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