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Posted On March 30, 2009

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There is one thing I think we all are willing to spend outrageous amounts of money on for our wedding. For some it’s the dress, the flowers, the rings, or the food. For me I’d always been very clear about one thing, I must have a fantastic photographer.

inspiration1All credit for these pics goes to

Growing up my father was a professional photographer, it has been his job for many years before he settled into a “stable” job. It was his passion, it was where his love took him. I’d been surrounded by gorgeous pictures, and incredible cameras. I used to love to use gel filters to make sunsets crazy good at the beach. I knew those old school techniques that are photoshopped in now with digital cameras.

So, I knew my photographer has to be part of our wedding, not just a vendor. Someone who could just be there and I wouldn’t mind having every second documented. I searched and searched and while still on a budget I felt people were overpriced, or over full of themselves.

While perusing the knot I found recommendations for a lovely Bryan Rupp, well it only took one splendid evening of coffee with him and his wife Leah, to know he was the one.

My fiance, Dan, jumped at his photos he was enrapt with his “dutch angles” We barely made it home and Dan was all BOOK THEM!!!

We did and cannot be more happy, they are already like two great friends whom I cannot wait to have at my wedding!

What were you willing splurge on for your wedding?


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