Dreams of a DIY Queen

Posted On April 4, 2009

Filed under Wedding

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I am a crafter. I love to knit. scrapbook. paint. draw. rubber stamp. I make my Christmas cards by hand each year since I was 12, also I make 50 for my mom too (of a separate design.)

So, when I started planning, I came up with a very long list of projects that I could do. I mean what was the need to pay someone to do all these things. When I would tell fiance, family, and friends about all these projects their eyes would grow wide. But, when?

hahaha Of course I have time…or do I? I’ll MAKE TIME!

Then reality slowly started to seep in, how was I going to enjoy my wedding planning and not get overly stressed. If my list looked like this…

Save the Dates
Aisle Runner
Customizing shoes
Making BM gifts
Thank yous
Card Box

That was just the tip of iceberg, when I started realizing that maybe I should buy invitations, veil, save the dates could be done cutely by Vistaprint with some customization.

I am now doing my best to find cute ways to customize things but do a lil more purchasing, like if I insist on making cards, making buy the card stock pre-cut instead of cutting everything.

After all, I have to enjoy this fabulous experience of planning a wedding, not just craft the entire time. When would I have time to knit for my 3 nieces that will be born a mere month before our wedding 🙂

Do you have DIY ambitions?


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