Invitation : a tempting allurement

Posted On April 7, 2009

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When I googled the definition of an invitation, that was the one that stuck with me. A tempting allurement. That’s what you want your wedding invitation to be to everyone that opens it. Something that makes them say awww, they’re getting married! and I cannot miss that one! Not another obligation they feel they must attend.

But how do you make your invitation, cost-effective, and cool at the same time? Something that screams, AWESOME WEDDING!

Wedding invitations are definitely something I am not thinking I need to spend a lot of money. Then again, I had no idea how much wedding invitation cost. Holy moly!


I’d looked at lots of invitation websites, until I realized I had no idea the quality of these. Which lead me to start pulling out the invitation books at a couple stores. But I was shocked by cost vs what they were.

Then I went back to my original concept, I’ll just DIY them. A couple scrapbooking flairs and I’d be all prettied up.  I started pricing things out and thinking about the time and I was back at square one. This won’t be all that cheaper.


Then back in February, the fiance and my mom has adventured to the Bravo wedding show and I’d remembered meeting a graphic designer there who did free invitation consultants.

Maybe this was the path? I set an appointment. My vision was of something unique and creative, but also the ability to flex the design in order to fit my fuzzy budget.  The fiance and I were off to meet her this past Saturday.

We sat down and were before we knew it were in a flurry of card stock, and double talk.  Fiance was totally immersed into the fun of picking fonts and card stock. Bless him! Because I felt like before I’d had the chance to say “I’d like…” I was suddenly in the midst of seeing what my final invitation would look like. Which was exciting and overwhelming because this was suddenly a very elaborate invitation with pockets and pieces. When I mentioned my rough budget, a chuckle rolled out of her, as she said oh well that’s kinda low. “You do realize this is the entire mood setter for your wedding.”


After this whirlwind two hours, I walked out without writing a check, or committing to anything. Just more ideas and more time to think…

How easy was it for you to choose wedding invitations?


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