Happy Good Friday…

Posted On April 10, 2009

Filed under Wedding

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…the planning has stalled….

Unfortunately, one of the things that my darling fiance gets (along with my sparkling personality ;)) is that I am a chronic migraine sufferer. I take all sorts of cocktails of pills. My handbag sounds like a Stepford wife is coming when I walk with all the jingle jangle of pills.


They range in with lil warning, or sometimes I get the dull rumble of one creeping on all day at work, only to rush home and slam myself into bed. It really sucks because I try to make my wedding vendor meet & greet type appointments on the evenings after work that he’s in class , but sometimes I find myself needing to relax and stay off the migraines.

This is sometimes the biggest fear of my wedding day, is that I’ll be smacked down with a vengeful migraine.

Is there anything that gets in your way of wedding planning, and you’ve foudn a creative way to deal with it?


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