Last Single Year…According to the Government

Posted On April 15, 2009

Filed under Wedding

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Come this time next year I’ll be filing with the fiance a joint tax return. I am really wondering what it will be like, will we get more or less back. He’s in school so he’s always getting these great school credits, and I’m afraid he’ll lose those when my time comes to add onto the taxes.


Will our double incomes but us into a higher tax paying ratio, all these things I wonder about. But at the same time a lil bit of me gets excited to file a joint tax return, the whole world, government and all will know I’m a MRS!

Only time will tell, as next year rolls around. There is one thing that I do know about our taxes next year, and that’s that they’ll be filed early. The fiance and I are both really into getting our taxes filed early and not having to worry about them come April. While a lil slacking my come after the post wedding let down I am sure we’ll be just fine.

Did you discover anything when it came to filing taxes you were surprised about?


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