How is that planning a wedding thing going?

Posted On April 17, 2009

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It seems as every conversation I have these days starts with “How’s your wedding planning going?”

At first I answered this question with “good” *smile*, which slowly transitioned into “It’s goin….,” then to a mini rant on all the things to get done and how I never thought it would be this hard, but now I’m back to “good” *plastered smile.*


When I say good, people are like “oh yay!” What I’ve realized is 99% of people do not want to hear the trials and tribulations of booking a florist, deciding on a dress, or what kind of cake to have. While I am the girl who always wants to hear those things about friend’s weddings. Heck! strangers tell me about their lives when I am waiting in line at a Starbucks, and I love to help people as if they have someone to talk to.

Most people do not realize that working full-time, and cramming in wedding planning at the end of the day or in your already packed weekend, stressed the bajeebies out of a girl. This is coming from one who LOVES every second of it. But, I am getting tired of my fiance glazing over when I want to deconstruct and contrast my last 2 appointments with DJs.  My dad doesn’t even want to hear wedding talk in my parents house, so I have to kidnap my  mom so we can  brainstorm details.

They should have a support group for us bride to bes. A weekly round table to share all the wedding frustrations, accomplishments, and details we need to hash out!

Who did you have to bounce every wedding detail off of?


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