Finding a Florist : Part 2

Posted On April 25, 2009

Filed under Flowers, Wedding

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By googling florists, I came across a florist’s website who I enjoyed. After a few emails, we decided to meet for Starbucks and discuss my “vision.” I brought my mom along for some moral support, as this was the second florist I’d met with and wasn’t sure on how this whole thing was going to go.

After work Mom and I trekked off to Starbucks to meet Tracy. When we walked into the Starbucks we found a woman with a table covered in floral covered photo albums, THAT HAD TO BE HER! We were greeted with smiles and warmth.

Two minutes into being with Tracy, I felt like I was with an old family friend. Everything I mentioned she gave me the security she’d love to do.

Peacock Feathers – Check!

Garden Roses – Check!

Sparkly Handles – Check!

Accents of purple and blue without looking cheezy – Check!

I thumbed through these gorgeous photo albums of weddings, ranging from $300 – $50,000. I was blown away how none of them appeared “bargain” On top of that we had great conversation, I got the vibe that Tracy would truly CARE about my wedding. She said that even if I didn’t use her as a vendor, that she would LOVE to come to my wedding because she thinks I am such an amazing person. My mom and I were in florist smit.

I left that night with anticipation of an email quote in the next couple of days, only to arrive home later and find that she’d rushed home and made a quote so I would have to wait. With the sweetest email I’ve ever read.

Yet, I was torn, would she be able to accomplish the trendiness, oh of course and she’d be like having a family member at the wedding.

Sad Epilogue: Sunday, when I emailed Tracy to ask her to be my florist I received some horrible news. She’s having some personal health issues that will have her leaving the floral business at the end of the summer. So…she can’t do my wedding. I cannot explain the heartbreak, here I was questioning myself never thinking maybe something would happen in her life. Not to mention, I now was worried about someone who I barely knew. I told her to keep in touch because I would be thinking about her.


The hunt for the florist continues….did you lose out on a vendor you had your heart completely set on?


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