Florist #3…is a charm?

Posted On May 3, 2009

Filed under Flowers, Wedding

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I figured if I met with three florists, I would be doing the “right thing” by having enough variety in choices. Whenever I was meeting with a vendor, I would as for recommendations of other vendors. I figured it the best place to look. I’d perused Florist #3’s website and enjoyed it although found it plain but was really excited to meet her. I rushed from a workshop I’d been at all day across town for our appointment and was surprised she wasn’t there. Oh well I was early (as I often am…)  I sat outside her studio, thumbing through a issue of people I’d found in the lobby downstairs. Okay five minutes past I’m starting to worry…..I don’t have her phone number because we’d set this up via email. To the rescuse lil blackberry I shoot off an email to her, and check her website for a phone # so I can call her…nothing….

jilted_bride_0309I am a bride stood up at the florist. I feel really bad and check my calendar and my emails and triple check them…nope I was on time.

*sigh* Have you ever been stood up at a bridal appointment?


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