Floral Debacle Version3.5

Posted On May 5, 2009

Filed under Flowers, Wedding

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It ends up my appointment with Florist #3 was a misunderstanding, she has it on her books for the week after, and she’s forgotten and was very apologetic. Being the happy bride that I am, I happily obliged for a re-schedule. We finally meet.

She’s sweet, very all down to business, as I hear she has plans after this. While I appreciate her all-business approach I also like to bond and get to know my vendors a lil bit. Yes, I am a bit of a get to know ya sorta bride. I like to tell my “humorous anecdotes” about wedding dress shopping. Which she was like *sigh* that was a long time ago for me. So, yeah we shuffled along, and she kept checking her phone during the process. In the end, she has beautiful modern ideas, but I just don’t see her as my florist. Which is hard because she is friends with some of my other vendors. I felt like I needed to hire the entire posse. Complete the whole set….

Did you get recommendations from other vendors for vendors?


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