Fantastic Floral Finale

Posted On May 7, 2009

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flowers After having a Florist #4 who sat at  Starbucks when I was sitting at the table next to him reading ELEGANT BRIDE and with my bridal bag was prominently displayed. He proceeded to tell me that orchids this and orchids that, and he’s getting married 2 weeks after my wedding and doing those flowers. It just stressed me out and I wasn’t feeling the vibe.

So, with my bridemaid in tow I adventured after work Tuesday to Florist #5. With 3 more appointments made next week I was ready for a home studio disappointment. Instead of flying high with my hopes I’d resorted do going in low. I was greeted and led into a beautiful garage studio. There were flowers around me. This was the first florist I’d been to and seen actual flowers AND arrangements. I was in awe. She pulled down vases and made mock arrangements out faux flowers. Brought samples out of her WALK-IN COOLER of  actual flowers she could use.

She was ecstatic about my peacock, jewel toned, winter wonderland and she loves the 1950’s (JUST LIKE ME) I was in smit, until I saw her prices. They weren’t bad, but they were a bit higher then I was comfy with. She of course took this into consideration and told me where we could adjust.

When she went to find me a peacock feather sample, my bridesmaid (the accountant) and I pow-wow’d. She has it broken down into feasible payments and told me how she hasn’t seen someone share my vision as perfectly as she has.

That was it, I wrote the check for the deposit and skipped out with swatches of ribbon and feathers to match Bridesmaid dresses with so she could wrap with things that matched.

Did you have an exhausting search for a type of vendor that you thought would a breeze? What was the happy ending?


One Response to “Fantastic Floral Finale”

  1. Kimberly Aurora Kapur

    Great Story and love the picture. It’s great when a florist is all about interpreting your ideas. The first (orchid guy) florist you talked about made me mad. I don’t like myopic personalities either. There is always those vendors that talk too much about themselves and it is super annoying. To all the other brides out there, it really is all about you, so don’t sell your vision short. I am glad you went with your instincts here! Sounds like you hired a winner.


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