Bridesmaid Dress Tango

Posted On May 8, 2009

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With three beautiful bridesmaids, all of varying shapes and sizes I knew that I would want to be more relaxed in the choosing of their dresses. I’d worn some sexy hot pink bridesmaid dresses, and didn’t want them to ever have to feel THAT SEXY 😉

My Rocking that Sexy Hot Pink with the Lime Green Stilettos

bridesmaid pinkI refuse to kid myself that they can wear this again, but I don’t hope it’s something they want to get rid of forever either. If they ever have a really nice special occasion they can throw it on.

I had never had anything other then a David’s Bridal BM dress  so I turned to my MOH to let her feel out what designers she found dresses she  liked. She fell in love with the illustrious and expensive Mister Bill Levkoff. Which I couldn’t blame her after touching the lush European satin. After perusing some some online websites I think we can get them at some good costs. We’re going to try them on at a store next weekend, that has been open to matching prices and working with me 🙂 My girls have been so open to wearing whatever I want, it’s really a blessing to not have a million conflicting personalities.

Introducing my possible BM dresses.

TristinBMTristin will wear this one in Eggplant, she loves the sweetheart neck and ruching. She hated purple until she met this dress.


In Royal Blue, Allison will rock something with a v-neck and a flowiness. She loves the clavacal or something like that 🙂 She was surprised but liking the cumberbunding effect.

Val hasn’t decided on a dress, but she is like my own lil pin-up, so I imagine her in something like this. Also, in royal blue.

I am so excited to have my lovely ladies all dressed up, they are beautiful inside and out and I am blessed to have wonderful ladies standing up with me!

We all have trouble picking out bridesmaids dresses I think, but did you find your girls to be drawn to dresses they wouldn’t “normally” wear?


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