Linens, Place Settings, Flatware OH MY!

Posted On May 11, 2009

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This weekend I adventured to party rental company with my bridesmaid to check out all the fun linens, place settings, and flatware. Along with different centerpiece options.  We walked in and saw 4 foot tall winter tree branch arrangements, just like I want! The florist was quoting $50+ to create them but here I could rent them for $15/each. I was excited!

ice branches

It was on to linens, I wanted something dark royal blue or eggplant. Which I learned was way harder then expected. Lots of linens has a irredecense to them which I liked, because the light would play off of them. They were so nice to put them onto tables for me. My bridemaid and I fell in love with this one.

471317_Royal Blue Crush

It’s a Royal Blue crush. At that point they plated it with a silver charger and white square dishes and even some silver candelabras that could accommodate flower arrangements at the top!!! I  am more excited about the linens then I ever thought I’d be, unfortunately, the linens I love have to be custom ordered so I may have to find a lower cost one. Not sure if fiance will love the thought of $40 linens?!

I am trying to use all these rented pieces to create that atmosphere of a wintry wonderland, although I am using jewel tones, I just want people to feel like they’re sitting in a wintry forest of happiness.

What details/special touches did you use to create the atmosphere for your wedding?


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