I Miss My Girls!

Posted On May 12, 2009

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It’s amazing how after college, when you all get working, it’s hard to get time with all your girlfriends. Suddenly, coordinating lunch/dinner/pedicure becomes a three ring circus. Let alone if there are more then two of you.  Then you live in different suburbs and there are work commutes.  My girls friends and I make a effort to see each other, but this weekend I am really excited.


After a couple months of planning, I found a day where my bridesmaids and I all have the day free.  We will be spending the day together, trying on bridesmaid dresses, shopping, going to lunch. It will be fantastic, we can celebrate birthdays we’ve missed in the past month or weekend (as if it for us)! It makes me so happy to have this time with them with our busy lives. The fiance is in a wedding this weekend (he just learned about it two weeks ago) and he was very understanding that I wouldn’t be able to go to Washington with him because he knows I’ve been planning this since February.

I hope to plan at least one or two more of these days with my bridesmaids pre-wedding, the next one I am getting us pedicures!!

How hard is it for you to get your bridal party together pre-wedding, and have you planned any special days for wedding fun?


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