Worries Un-Veiled

Posted On May 15, 2009

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When I started trying on wedding dresses, there would always be that moment where they’d go find a veil and plunk it on your head. “Now you are a bride” they’d declare and I’d scrunch my face. Maybe I won’t have a veil, maybe I’ll just wear a hair piece. My mom’s face would fall but it’s tradition, so I’d convince myself I could veil it up.

Then I’d get online at night and peruse pictures of veils. I came across a birdcage veil.


I was in love! The romance, the vintage appeal I strive for, but those are meant for slim fitted beautiful skinny gowns. Nothing I was finding looked good on me. So, I was okay with that being a dream. When I found “the dress” (story to come soon when I find a pic of the dress) The woman saw that I was not thrilled with the regular veil and said let me grab something.

She put a birdcage with a feather fasinator on me! My mom gasped, DID YOU TELL HER?! I’m all NO! She’s like it’s perfect and it totally works with that dress!! I was in love the entire look was ME!  I looked at the price and I couldn’t justify $150 for the birdcage.

So, last night I went shopping for french netting which was not very easy, and the adventure continues I am going to make my own!!!

Did anyone try making their veil after seeing the price, how did it turn out?


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