Blending the Friends and the Fiance

Posted On May 21, 2009

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I am lucky, my fiance is a easy going guy, who has enjoyed meeting and finding his niche with my friends. He jokes with them and listens to our long winded girls chats if we drag him along to coffee. A couple years ago my two best friends got married, not that I had anything to do with that he he he. Which has been nice because when they come to visit we have a lil couples board game night.

While we started out as couples teams, pretty soon us girls wanted to team up. Much to the boys groaning that this was unfair, we got them to play along. Next thing we knew we were being cleaned up by these boys. (We were playing Taboo) Suddenly random references to geeky things were being thrown around and we soon realized we we being beat by our significant others!!! It was hysterical and fun!

Do you have a great couples friend you look forward to hanging out with and being married friends with? Have your fiance and your friend’s SO’s gotten along better then expected?


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