To Engage in Engagement Pics, Or Not?

Posted On May 21, 2009

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For the holidays, right after the engagement, the fiance and I went off to the mall and got some cheezy/adorable Christmas pictures done. We wore red and green, I wore snowflake jewelry, and we sent them in the Christmas cards. At first I was like there we don’t need engagement pictures.

But then I start looking at people’s on the and communities and then I’m completely enchanted by the thought of having the Fiance and I captured in romantical pics. So, after I’d saved on a couple wedding vendors, I asked him what he thought. He was really excited to have pictures, so I called our photographer and asked him if we’d be able to add it back in to our photography package. He was really excited, so now we just have to find a time this summer to have it done 🙂

Oh and how will I choose an outfit? hehe

Did you ever think about forgoing Engagement pics as a cost saving measure or were they a can’t live without?


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