I created this blog to share the fun it is planning a wedding, along with the stumbles we all find along the way in green and gorgeous Portland, Oregon. I’m born and raised Oregon girl who pretty much adores this state and the Pacific NW.  My fiance on the other hand was born here but then spent his childhood living throughout Texas, Tennessee, and the the south to wind back up in Oregon for his teen years. He’s worldly and traveled, where I’ve never left the country (but do dream of it!)

My fiance and I are both total geeks in our own respect. He is a traditional Star Trek/Star Wars loving fiend who is the one who dreamed of  big wedding, while I hoped for a quiet outdoor nature wedding. When I once mentioned a destination wedding, he was all is it even legal? He couldn’t imagine us married anywhere but Oregon.
I am a fashion obsessed-NYC loving pseudo hippie chick, who grew up a tomboy and went to college to be a traditional business major, but sucked into a world of event planning/fashion shows/web design/guerrilla marketing. We both are passionate about everything we do, seeing as we’re both stubborn redheads with an Irish heritage. Which makes planning our wedding a great deal of an adventure and compromises.

One of the most important thing when choosing vendors for my wedding is that they share “my vision” and as cheezy and “Dharma and Greg” as that may sound I want people at my wedding who want to share that day with me. People who aren’t just there for a dime. I think I just want passionate people involved in my wedding.

Enjoy my blog and comment as you please 🙂


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