To Engage in Engagement Pics, Or Not?

Posted On May 21, 2009

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For the holidays, right after the engagement, the fiance and I went off to the mall and got some cheezy/adorable Christmas pictures done. We wore red and green, I wore snowflake jewelry, and we sent them in the Christmas cards. At first I was like there we don’t need engagement pictures.

But then I start looking at people’s on the and communities and then I’m completely enchanted by the thought of having the Fiance and I captured in romantical pics. So, after I’d saved on a couple wedding vendors, I asked him what he thought. He was really excited to have pictures, so I called our photographer and asked him if we’d be able to add it back in to our photography package. He was really excited, so now we just have to find a time this summer to have it done 🙂

Oh and how will I choose an outfit? hehe

Did you ever think about forgoing Engagement pics as a cost saving measure or were they a can’t live without?


Blending the Friends and the Fiance

Posted On May 21, 2009

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I am lucky, my fiance is a easy going guy, who has enjoyed meeting and finding his niche with my friends. He jokes with them and listens to our long winded girls chats if we drag him along to coffee. A couple years ago my two best friends got married, not that I had anything to do with that he he he. Which has been nice because when they come to visit we have a lil couples board game night.

While we started out as couples teams, pretty soon us girls wanted to team up. Much to the boys groaning that this was unfair, we got them to play along. Next thing we knew we were being cleaned up by these boys. (We were playing Taboo) Suddenly random references to geeky things were being thrown around and we soon realized we we being beat by our significant others!!! It was hysterical and fun!

Do you have a great couples friend you look forward to hanging out with and being married friends with? Have your fiance and your friend’s SO’s gotten along better then expected?

Worries Un-Veiled

Posted On May 15, 2009

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When I started trying on wedding dresses, there would always be that moment where they’d go find a veil and plunk it on your head. “Now you are a bride” they’d declare and I’d scrunch my face. Maybe I won’t have a veil, maybe I’ll just wear a hair piece. My mom’s face would fall but it’s tradition, so I’d convince myself I could veil it up.

Then I’d get online at night and peruse pictures of veils. I came across a birdcage veil.


I was in love! The romance, the vintage appeal I strive for, but those are meant for slim fitted beautiful skinny gowns. Nothing I was finding looked good on me. So, I was okay with that being a dream. When I found “the dress” (story to come soon when I find a pic of the dress) The woman saw that I was not thrilled with the regular veil and said let me grab something.

She put a birdcage with a feather fasinator on me! My mom gasped, DID YOU TELL HER?! I’m all NO! She’s like it’s perfect and it totally works with that dress!! I was in love the entire look was ME!  I looked at the price and I couldn’t justify $150 for the birdcage.

So, last night I went shopping for french netting which was not very easy, and the adventure continues I am going to make my own!!!

Did anyone try making their veil after seeing the price, how did it turn out?

I Miss My Girls!

Posted On May 12, 2009

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It’s amazing how after college, when you all get working, it’s hard to get time with all your girlfriends. Suddenly, coordinating lunch/dinner/pedicure becomes a three ring circus. Let alone if there are more then two of you.  Then you live in different suburbs and there are work commutes.  My girls friends and I make a effort to see each other, but this weekend I am really excited.


After a couple months of planning, I found a day where my bridesmaids and I all have the day free.  We will be spending the day together, trying on bridesmaid dresses, shopping, going to lunch. It will be fantastic, we can celebrate birthdays we’ve missed in the past month or weekend (as if it for us)! It makes me so happy to have this time with them with our busy lives. The fiance is in a wedding this weekend (he just learned about it two weeks ago) and he was very understanding that I wouldn’t be able to go to Washington with him because he knows I’ve been planning this since February.

I hope to plan at least one or two more of these days with my bridesmaids pre-wedding, the next one I am getting us pedicures!!

How hard is it for you to get your bridal party together pre-wedding, and have you planned any special days for wedding fun?

Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock

Posted On May 12, 2009

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Today is seven months till our wedding. Whenever the twelfth rolls around, I am amazed another month has slipped away. We’ve been engaged for 6 months on the 25th, and I am amazed that we’ll be married in December. I was going over my list of to-dos and with my friend’s wedding in June, it looks like I have to start scheduling wedding appointments for July. which will be at the 5 month mark!!!


I feel like there are so many details that still need to be covered, especially catering. We haven’t even began to tackle catering. We know who our caterer will be because it’s packaged with our venue. Every time I contact them I get the “We’ll discuss that at your tasting” spiel. I need menus and pricing, I want to plan this out. I turn into a bit of a worry wart, screaming I’m late! I’m late! For a very important date!! Just like that lil white rabbit in Alice in Wonderland. I understand his fretting!!

I find my days are filled with stomach butterflies and list making. I think I have most of the major things covered, but I know I am forgetting things.

During your wedding planning have you felt like the time whisks away too quickly?

Bridesmaid Dress Tango

Posted On May 8, 2009

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With three beautiful bridesmaids, all of varying shapes and sizes I knew that I would want to be more relaxed in the choosing of their dresses. I’d worn some sexy hot pink bridesmaid dresses, and didn’t want them to ever have to feel THAT SEXY 😉

My Rocking that Sexy Hot Pink with the Lime Green Stilettos

bridesmaid pinkI refuse to kid myself that they can wear this again, but I don’t hope it’s something they want to get rid of forever either. If they ever have a really nice special occasion they can throw it on.

I had never had anything other then a David’s Bridal BM dress  so I turned to my MOH to let her feel out what designers she found dresses she  liked. She fell in love with the illustrious and expensive Mister Bill Levkoff. Which I couldn’t blame her after touching the lush European satin. After perusing some some online websites I think we can get them at some good costs. We’re going to try them on at a store next weekend, that has been open to matching prices and working with me 🙂 My girls have been so open to wearing whatever I want, it’s really a blessing to not have a million conflicting personalities.

Introducing my possible BM dresses.

TristinBMTristin will wear this one in Eggplant, she loves the sweetheart neck and ruching. She hated purple until she met this dress.


In Royal Blue, Allison will rock something with a v-neck and a flowiness. She loves the clavacal or something like that 🙂 She was surprised but liking the cumberbunding effect.

Val hasn’t decided on a dress, but she is like my own lil pin-up, so I imagine her in something like this. Also, in royal blue.

I am so excited to have my lovely ladies all dressed up, they are beautiful inside and out and I am blessed to have wonderful ladies standing up with me!

We all have trouble picking out bridesmaids dresses I think, but did you find your girls to be drawn to dresses they wouldn’t “normally” wear?

Pretty Flowers, But I Don’t Wanna See Your Husband in His Boxers

Posted On March 17, 2009

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Flowers, they’re what your wedding is filled with correct?! I have always imagined the flowers to be a beautiful accessory. But seeing as I have a million and one allergies I do not want a room stuffed to the gills with floral.

The more I looked at bridal bouquets though I became charmed by how artistic they are with satin wrapped handles, rhinestones in the flowers, intials on the handle. What else can one create?

So, after braving the giant bridal show and seeing all these ideas. I made an appointment with someone who said I’d “won” my bridal bouquet.

I show up to this person’s home (now I am all for small home based florists-helps with cost) and MOB & MOH are in tow. We are accousted by a cocker spaniel that chooses to make me her new b*tch. Luckily, I am dog lover, but stinky mcDog needed to get DOWN. We make our way to the “office” and otherwise known as the dining room.
My MOH having drank 10 Dr.Peppers (a slight exhagerations) asks for the ladies room. She reports later (after 2 more visits) that it has to have been the dirtiest bathroom she’s ever seen. We’re thinking is this is your place of business clean the toilet.

The very nice lady launches into her speil, while showing us examples of her work. Umm…is that me or is that a magazine cut out and why am I only seeing photos of some VERY 80’s looking floral work. So, I go to my Bravo planner with some questions, but find myself distracted by these less then modern flowers. She is very excited and lovely.

When the dog starts barking and the husband in his boxers busts in to the dining room and yells “HUN, LET THE DOG IN!” Shocked at the plaid boxer horror I am seeing, My mom and MOH exhange glances. The woman completely unphased, unlatched the back sliding door and lets the dog in.

She told me she’d work me up a quote and email it to me. I had to email her 4 times to get it. Really wasn’t worth it. I think wedding vendor shopping is like meeting a great cast of characters, there are only certain ones you want to cast.