Fantastic Floral Finale

Posted On May 7, 2009

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flowers After having a Florist #4 who sat at  Starbucks when I was sitting at the table next to him reading ELEGANT BRIDE and with my bridal bag was prominently displayed. He proceeded to tell me that orchids this and orchids that, and he’s getting married 2 weeks after my wedding and doing those flowers. It just stressed me out and I wasn’t feeling the vibe.

So, with my bridemaid in tow I adventured after work Tuesday to Florist #5. With 3 more appointments made next week I was ready for a home studio disappointment. Instead of flying high with my hopes I’d resorted do going in low. I was greeted and led into a beautiful garage studio. There were flowers around me. This was the first florist I’d been to and seen actual flowers AND arrangements. I was in awe. She pulled down vases and made mock arrangements out faux flowers. Brought samples out of her WALK-IN COOLER of  actual flowers she could use.

She was ecstatic about my peacock, jewel toned, winter wonderland and she loves the 1950’s (JUST LIKE ME) I was in smit, until I saw her prices. They weren’t bad, but they were a bit higher then I was comfy with. She of course took this into consideration and told me where we could adjust.

When she went to find me a peacock feather sample, my bridesmaid (the accountant) and I pow-wow’d. She has it broken down into feasible payments and told me how she hasn’t seen someone share my vision as perfectly as she has.

That was it, I wrote the check for the deposit and skipped out with swatches of ribbon and feathers to match Bridesmaid dresses with so she could wrap with things that matched.

Did you have an exhausting search for a type of vendor that you thought would a breeze? What was the happy ending?


Floral Debacle Version3.5

Posted On May 5, 2009

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It ends up my appointment with Florist #3 was a misunderstanding, she has it on her books for the week after, and she’s forgotten and was very apologetic. Being the happy bride that I am, I happily obliged for a re-schedule. We finally meet.

She’s sweet, very all down to business, as I hear she has plans after this. While I appreciate her all-business approach I also like to bond and get to know my vendors a lil bit. Yes, I am a bit of a get to know ya sorta bride. I like to tell my “humorous anecdotes” about wedding dress shopping. Which she was like *sigh* that was a long time ago for me. So, yeah we shuffled along, and she kept checking her phone during the process. In the end, she has beautiful modern ideas, but I just don’t see her as my florist. Which is hard because she is friends with some of my other vendors. I felt like I needed to hire the entire posse. Complete the whole set….

Did you get recommendations from other vendors for vendors?

Florist #3…is a charm?

Posted On May 3, 2009

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I figured if I met with three florists, I would be doing the “right thing” by having enough variety in choices. Whenever I was meeting with a vendor, I would as for recommendations of other vendors. I figured it the best place to look. I’d perused Florist #3’s website and enjoyed it although found it plain but was really excited to meet her. I rushed from a workshop I’d been at all day across town for our appointment and was surprised she wasn’t there. Oh well I was early (as I often am…)  I sat outside her studio, thumbing through a issue of people I’d found in the lobby downstairs. Okay five minutes past I’m starting to worry…..I don’t have her phone number because we’d set this up via email. To the rescuse lil blackberry I shoot off an email to her, and check her website for a phone # so I can call her…nothing….

jilted_bride_0309I am a bride stood up at the florist. I feel really bad and check my calendar and my emails and triple check them…nope I was on time.

*sigh* Have you ever been stood up at a bridal appointment?

April Showers…Bring May Flowers….

Posted On May 1, 2009

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Where is this year going???  Happy May Day!

I am amazed we are almost half way through this year!! I’d blame it on all the wedding planning but nah! I think things are just flying by. Even with time flying by, as I’ve mentioned before I really want to make some DIY things.

After talking with a florist about the cost of kissing balls/pomanders I just though I’d love to make them myself out of carnations and so I went to the web a hunting for a tutorial.


How lucky I was to find this

A great lil step by step…instead of those crystals on the bottom I thought I’d put snowflake ornaments, and instead of red mine will by white. The florists keep telling my $75+ for these and that’s even in fake flowers. I know the lil flower girls will look adorable carrying whatever, but I think these look a lot like snowballs.

Since our venue doesn’t allow anything to be tossed or thrown on the ground. Originally, I’d planned on the girls throwing fake snow with snowflake punches out of silvery cardstock 🙂 But now I think I am in love with pomanders, so it’ll all be A-OK!!!

Where is your favorite place for wedding tutorials?

Finding a Florist : Part 2

Posted On April 25, 2009

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By googling florists, I came across a florist’s website who I enjoyed. After a few emails, we decided to meet for Starbucks and discuss my “vision.” I brought my mom along for some moral support, as this was the second florist I’d met with and wasn’t sure on how this whole thing was going to go.

After work Mom and I trekked off to Starbucks to meet Tracy. When we walked into the Starbucks we found a woman with a table covered in floral covered photo albums, THAT HAD TO BE HER! We were greeted with smiles and warmth.

Two minutes into being with Tracy, I felt like I was with an old family friend. Everything I mentioned she gave me the security she’d love to do.

Peacock Feathers – Check!

Garden Roses – Check!

Sparkly Handles – Check!

Accents of purple and blue without looking cheezy – Check!

I thumbed through these gorgeous photo albums of weddings, ranging from $300 – $50,000. I was blown away how none of them appeared “bargain” On top of that we had great conversation, I got the vibe that Tracy would truly CARE about my wedding. She said that even if I didn’t use her as a vendor, that she would LOVE to come to my wedding because she thinks I am such an amazing person. My mom and I were in florist smit.

I left that night with anticipation of an email quote in the next couple of days, only to arrive home later and find that she’d rushed home and made a quote so I would have to wait. With the sweetest email I’ve ever read.

Yet, I was torn, would she be able to accomplish the trendiness, oh of course and she’d be like having a family member at the wedding.

Sad Epilogue: Sunday, when I emailed Tracy to ask her to be my florist I received some horrible news. She’s having some personal health issues that will have her leaving the floral business at the end of the summer. So…she can’t do my wedding. I cannot explain the heartbreak, here I was questioning myself never thinking maybe something would happen in her life. Not to mention, I now was worried about someone who I barely knew. I told her to keep in touch because I would be thinking about her.


The hunt for the florist continues….did you lose out on a vendor you had your heart completely set on?

Pretty Flowers, But I Don’t Wanna See Your Husband in His Boxers

Posted On March 17, 2009

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Flowers, they’re what your wedding is filled with correct?! I have always imagined the flowers to be a beautiful accessory. But seeing as I have a million and one allergies I do not want a room stuffed to the gills with floral.

The more I looked at bridal bouquets though I became charmed by how artistic they are with satin wrapped handles, rhinestones in the flowers, intials on the handle. What else can one create?

So, after braving the giant bridal show and seeing all these ideas. I made an appointment with someone who said I’d “won” my bridal bouquet.

I show up to this person’s home (now I am all for small home based florists-helps with cost) and MOB & MOH are in tow. We are accousted by a cocker spaniel that chooses to make me her new b*tch. Luckily, I am dog lover, but stinky mcDog needed to get DOWN. We make our way to the “office” and otherwise known as the dining room.
My MOH having drank 10 Dr.Peppers (a slight exhagerations) asks for the ladies room. She reports later (after 2 more visits) that it has to have been the dirtiest bathroom she’s ever seen. We’re thinking is this is your place of business clean the toilet.

The very nice lady launches into her speil, while showing us examples of her work. Umm…is that me or is that a magazine cut out and why am I only seeing photos of some VERY 80’s looking floral work. So, I go to my Bravo planner with some questions, but find myself distracted by these less then modern flowers. She is very excited and lovely.

When the dog starts barking and the husband in his boxers busts in to the dining room and yells “HUN, LET THE DOG IN!” Shocked at the plaid boxer horror I am seeing, My mom and MOH exhange glances. The woman completely unphased, unlatched the back sliding door and lets the dog in.

She told me she’d work me up a quote and email it to me. I had to email her 4 times to get it. Really wasn’t worth it. I think wedding vendor shopping is like meeting a great cast of characters, there are only certain ones you want to cast.