Florist #3…is a charm?

Posted On May 3, 2009

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I figured if I met with three florists, I would be doing the “right thing” by having enough variety in choices. Whenever I was meeting with a vendor, I would as for recommendations of other vendors. I figured it the best place to look. I’d perused Florist #3’s website and enjoyed it although found it plain but was really excited to meet her. I rushed from a workshop I’d been at all day across town for our appointment and was surprised she wasn’t there. Oh well I was early (as I often am…)  I sat outside her studio, thumbing through a issue of people I’d found in the lobby downstairs. Okay five minutes past I’m starting to worry…..I don’t have her phone number because we’d set this up via email. To the rescuse lil blackberry I shoot off an email to her, and check her website for a phone # so I can call her…nothing….

jilted_bride_0309I am a bride stood up at the florist. I feel really bad and check my calendar and my emails and triple check them…nope I was on time.

*sigh* Have you ever been stood up at a bridal appointment?


April Showers…Bring May Flowers….

Posted On May 1, 2009

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Where is this year going???  Happy May Day!

I am amazed we are almost half way through this year!! I’d blame it on all the wedding planning but nah! I think things are just flying by. Even with time flying by, as I’ve mentioned before I really want to make some DIY things.

After talking with a florist about the cost of kissing balls/pomanders I just though I’d love to make them myself out of carnations and so I went to the web a hunting for a tutorial.


How lucky I was to find this

A great lil step by step…instead of those crystals on the bottom I thought I’d put snowflake ornaments, and instead of red mine will by white. The florists keep telling my $75+ for these and that’s even in fake flowers. I know the lil flower girls will look adorable carrying whatever, but I think these look a lot like snowballs.

Since our venue doesn’t allow anything to be tossed or thrown on the ground. Originally, I’d planned on the girls throwing fake snow with snowflake punches out of silvery cardstock 🙂 But now I think I am in love with pomanders, so it’ll all be A-OK!!!

Where is your favorite place for wedding tutorials?

Finding a Florist : Part 2

Posted On April 25, 2009

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By googling florists, I came across a florist’s website who I enjoyed. After a few emails, we decided to meet for Starbucks and discuss my “vision.” I brought my mom along for some moral support, as this was the second florist I’d met with and wasn’t sure on how this whole thing was going to go.

After work Mom and I trekked off to Starbucks to meet Tracy. When we walked into the Starbucks we found a woman with a table covered in floral covered photo albums, THAT HAD TO BE HER! We were greeted with smiles and warmth.

Two minutes into being with Tracy, I felt like I was with an old family friend. Everything I mentioned she gave me the security she’d love to do.

Peacock Feathers – Check!

Garden Roses – Check!

Sparkly Handles – Check!

Accents of purple and blue without looking cheezy – Check!

I thumbed through these gorgeous photo albums of weddings, ranging from $300 – $50,000. I was blown away how none of them appeared “bargain” On top of that we had great conversation, I got the vibe that Tracy would truly CARE about my wedding. She said that even if I didn’t use her as a vendor, that she would LOVE to come to my wedding because she thinks I am such an amazing person. My mom and I were in florist smit.

I left that night with anticipation of an email quote in the next couple of days, only to arrive home later and find that she’d rushed home and made a quote so I would have to wait. With the sweetest email I’ve ever read.

Yet, I was torn, would she be able to accomplish the trendiness, oh of course and she’d be like having a family member at the wedding.

Sad Epilogue: Sunday, when I emailed Tracy to ask her to be my florist I received some horrible news. She’s having some personal health issues that will have her leaving the floral business at the end of the summer. So…she can’t do my wedding. I cannot explain the heartbreak, here I was questioning myself never thinking maybe something would happen in her life. Not to mention, I now was worried about someone who I barely knew. I told her to keep in touch because I would be thinking about her.


The hunt for the florist continues….did you lose out on a vendor you had your heart completely set on?

I don’t even know you, but I want your wedding

Posted On April 22, 2009

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When trolling around websites for inspiration, I found it hard sometimes. There are SO many gorgeous wedding in the summer, spring, and fall. But in rainy old Oregon, it’s hard to think of a winter wedding as a snow covered quiet. Yet, that is the one thing that I want so badly to create, even if it is a blustery rainy winter day come December for our wedding.
As, I wandered the knot winter weddings board one evening I came across a poster that I fell in love with her bio.

I love all the details she used, and I was impressed when I read how much was DIY, the end result was gorgeous. They even has snow flurries the day of her wedding. I am glad to have found her blogs and bios because they’ve provided such wonderful inspiration for me. I keep looking for other awesome wintery wonderlands.

Did you find anyone with a similar vision that inspired you in your wedding planning?

How is that planning a wedding thing going?

Posted On April 17, 2009

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It seems as every conversation I have these days starts with “How’s your wedding planning going?”

At first I answered this question with “good” *smile*, which slowly transitioned into “It’s goin….,” then to a mini rant on all the things to get done and how I never thought it would be this hard, but now I’m back to “good” *plastered smile.*


When I say good, people are like “oh yay!” What I’ve realized is 99% of people do not want to hear the trials and tribulations of booking a florist, deciding on a dress, or what kind of cake to have. While I am the girl who always wants to hear those things about friend’s weddings. Heck! strangers tell me about their lives when I am waiting in line at a Starbucks, and I love to help people as if they have someone to talk to.

Most people do not realize that working full-time, and cramming in wedding planning at the end of the day or in your already packed weekend, stressed the bajeebies out of a girl. This is coming from one who LOVES every second of it. But, I am getting tired of my fiance glazing over when I want to deconstruct and contrast my last 2 appointments with DJs.  My dad doesn’t even want to hear wedding talk in my parents house, so I have to kidnap my  mom so we can  brainstorm details.

They should have a support group for us bride to bes. A weekly round table to share all the wedding frustrations, accomplishments, and details we need to hash out!

Who did you have to bounce every wedding detail off of?

Last Single Year…According to the Government

Posted On April 15, 2009

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Come this time next year I’ll be filing with the fiance a joint tax return. I am really wondering what it will be like, will we get more or less back. He’s in school so he’s always getting these great school credits, and I’m afraid he’ll lose those when my time comes to add onto the taxes.


Will our double incomes but us into a higher tax paying ratio, all these things I wonder about. But at the same time a lil bit of me gets excited to file a joint tax return, the whole world, government and all will know I’m a MRS!

Only time will tell, as next year rolls around. There is one thing that I do know about our taxes next year, and that’s that they’ll be filed early. The fiance and I are both really into getting our taxes filed early and not having to worry about them come April. While a lil slacking my come after the post wedding let down I am sure we’ll be just fine.

Did you discover anything when it came to filing taxes you were surprised about?

Chocolate Bunnies and Family

Posted On April 12, 2009

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Happy Easter!
Every Easter we adventure to the fiance’s family for Easter. It seems to be a holiday much like Thanksgiving and Christmas where family and friends gather for a day of eating good food and catching up. It was just a year ago that I was meeting a lot of this family for the first time, it was overwhelming and exciting all at the same time.

You see, we took our time introducing each other to the families. We wanted to make sure we were VERY solid before introducing that interesting family element. We both come from married parents, which is important to us, because it bodes well for our future.


I’d met his siblings, and parents, but I’d yet to meet grandparents, friends, aunts, uncles, cousins…the works. So, last Easter I was introduced to the whole gaggle. While surrounded with a ham induced meal (I loathe ham) so I procded to not eat all day and socialize to my heart’s content.

They were all so warm and welcome it was a joyous experience, I will never forget when I left his mom and dad hugged me. It made me feel right at home, and that everything was just right 🙂

How was the first big family gathering with your future in-laws?

Happy Good Friday…

Posted On April 10, 2009

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…the planning has stalled….

Unfortunately, one of the things that my darling fiance gets (along with my sparkling personality ;)) is that I am a chronic migraine sufferer. I take all sorts of cocktails of pills. My handbag sounds like a Stepford wife is coming when I walk with all the jingle jangle of pills.


They range in with lil warning, or sometimes I get the dull rumble of one creeping on all day at work, only to rush home and slam myself into bed. It really sucks because I try to make my wedding vendor meet & greet type appointments on the evenings after work that he’s in class , but sometimes I find myself needing to relax and stay off the migraines.

This is sometimes the biggest fear of my wedding day, is that I’ll be smacked down with a vengeful migraine.

Is there anything that gets in your way of wedding planning, and you’ve foudn a creative way to deal with it?

Invitation : a tempting allurement

Posted On April 7, 2009

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When I googled the definition of an invitation, that was the one that stuck with me. A tempting allurement. That’s what you want your wedding invitation to be to everyone that opens it. Something that makes them say awww, they’re getting married! and I cannot miss that one! Not another obligation they feel they must attend.

But how do you make your invitation, cost-effective, and cool at the same time? Something that screams, AWESOME WEDDING!

Wedding invitations are definitely something I am not thinking I need to spend a lot of money. Then again, I had no idea how much wedding invitation cost. Holy moly!


I’d looked at lots of invitation websites, until I realized I had no idea the quality of these. Which lead me to start pulling out the invitation books at a couple stores. But I was shocked by cost vs what they were.

Then I went back to my original concept, I’ll just DIY them. A couple scrapbooking flairs and I’d be all prettied up.  I started pricing things out and thinking about the time and I was back at square one. This won’t be all that cheaper.


Then back in February, the fiance and my mom has adventured to the Bravo wedding show and I’d remembered meeting a graphic designer there who did free invitation consultants.

Maybe this was the path? I set an appointment. My vision was of something unique and creative, but also the ability to flex the design in order to fit my fuzzy budget.  The fiance and I were off to meet her this past Saturday.

We sat down and were before we knew it were in a flurry of card stock, and double talk.  Fiance was totally immersed into the fun of picking fonts and card stock. Bless him! Because I felt like before I’d had the chance to say “I’d like…” I was suddenly in the midst of seeing what my final invitation would look like. Which was exciting and overwhelming because this was suddenly a very elaborate invitation with pockets and pieces. When I mentioned my rough budget, a chuckle rolled out of her, as she said oh well that’s kinda low. “You do realize this is the entire mood setter for your wedding.”


After this whirlwind two hours, I walked out without writing a check, or committing to anything. Just more ideas and more time to think…

How easy was it for you to choose wedding invitations?

Choosing Where to Register….

Posted On April 4, 2009

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There are so many choices when it comes to places to register, but how is a couple to choose????

The fiance and I have both been living on our own for some time. I have about 10 years of collecting random things under my belt now and I’d say he has about 5 years hit and miss. After we got engaged we did the merging of the things, which was difficult enough. But now we have to decide, what we need, what we want, what we will part with if we receive a better (set of plates, for instance) of it.

Fiance immediately said Macy’s! One because his friend works there, and two because they have a bit of everything. It’s classic! I was all for it, we could take care of dishware, kitchen supplies, one chosen.

Now I’ve been told that I need to have three, so I was very lost on finding some others.

Fiance declared Target because I live there. While, no, I do not take up residence in the bedding department! You can pretty much guarantee you will find my friends and I wandering the aisles at least once a week. I enjoy trolling the clearance racks in clothing, and seeing what kind of bargains I may find in the wedding areas. You never know what I can DIY. But I’d heard horrible things of their return policy. Since we’re getting married during the Christmas season, I really don’t want people already hating returns dealing with my wedding returns, so I ruled them out.

I haven’t been able to determine is Best Buy has a wedding registry, I know that Fry’s Electronics doesn’t. The fiance is all for one of those places, but sadly I do not think he can register for ever season of Battlestar Galactica.

We both feel we’d be duplicating things with William Sonoma, Crate & Barrel, or Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

I feel stick in the where to register conundrum.

Where did you register and were there any big reasons you selected the stores?

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